Paper Airplanes

by Flying Raccoon Suit

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Recorded by various band members at Andrew's house in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. The album was mixed, mastered, and produced by drummer Derek Kerley.


released July 10, 2012

Andrew Heaton - Guitar, Melodica, Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Alan Bruce - Trombone, Vocals
Derek Kerley - Drums, Production, Vocals
Guillermo Gibson - Alto Sax, Vocals
Joshawa Billiot - Bass Guitar, Alto Sax
Michael Spotts - Guitar, Bari/Tenor Sax
Scott Smith - Trumpet, Keyboard
Connor Ryan - Trombone



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Flying Raccoon Suit Biloxi, Mississippi

Flying Raccoon Suit is an indie-ska band in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. New album 'Flying Raccoon Suit Makes a Friend' out NOW!

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Track Name: So Far Away
Well I don't think that I'm going to leave the house today
This situation's looking heavy in a twisted kind of way
Well I've been spending too much time staring at the TV screen
So I guess you're going to go and walk right out on me today
but I'm So Far Away

I've got letters and postcards, been no use so far
Sorry about all those sloppy drunk phone calls
She's gone to the place that she's going to stay
She's going to go and try to take it all away
but I'm So Far Away

Cheer up, life's not bad!
Keep on livin' in that dream you had
with a handful of kicks given by the kids,
don't they know what the truth is?
I'm bent on lovin' baby, you're so far away
Take mercy on my soul and take me far away

I don't know where I'm going, but where I'll stay
I know what I want now but I'm so far away
Track Name: Red Handed
You thought you knew the truth and that that had made it true
Some people work that way, that's what arrogance can do
Some people try to force their beliefs and its driving me insane
Reading in to too much too much 'til I don't know what's left

But everything is alright, don't worry about it now
Nobody's going to know me by name, it doesn't matter
I know its all the same

You think you've got it figured out inside your head
You think you know the answers but I think I'll make my own instead

You've got a move you've got a plan to think through,
I think you'll take the easy way out
Spreading hate onto others, yeah I know what you're all about
Do you think you're perfect, think you know just what to do
'Til you're getting caught red handed
with all the shit you put us through

You think you've got it figured out inside your head
You think you know the answers but I think I'll make my own instead
Track Name: Easily
You said this will be the last time
you talk, talk, talk then you throw it all away so easily

I said do you remember and you said no I've forgotten
So I'll be more apathetic from now on
Just make those promises you'll go and forget so easily

We were friends but in didn't seem to matter in the end
when you thought that something's wrong you'd give them hell
but you always seem to hurt yourself so easily

You said this will be the last time
Now there's no doubt in my mind
The next time I'm around you know
I really won't be tricked so easily
Track Name: After All
I take it back, let's think it through,
we've both got better things to do
Some say we're both out of line,
but I think together we'll change some minds
Its happened once, let's make it twice
we don't need anyone's advice
Just a reason to get off the ground and
put our problems behind us, look how fast we've found

After all this time and after all this fighting
we're the only one's who know what's right and wrong
After all this time, after all this time
I guess we're not so different after all

It used to be so simple when
we could get along and not just pretend
But public opinion's on the line
so I think that I'll take the blame this time
There's too many fights going through these halls
we get together to watch them fall
We need a reason to be, just a reason to go on

After all this time and after all this fighting
we're the only one's who know what's right and wrong
After all this time, after all this time
I guess we're not so different after all
Track Name: Haiku
I always go where my heart takes me
No matter what kind of danger's there for me
Living here is much too easy, so this is what I say

I've been spending my time in this little town
for way too long and I can't stand it
A boring job from 9 to 5, no self control and the same old habits
Pack my bags and get away, don't ask me to stay because
I'm leaving and not coming back this time

Opportunities, they just come and go
My life is a canvas, but what do I have to show
Nothing in our life is ever set in stone
Track Name: Lucky Day
Its hard to think that yesterday was the worst day of my life
Things just never go my way

24 hours of mistakes
Bad chance, I guess you could call it that
But I just really need a break

Today's the day I've been waiting for
Things might finally go my way
Today's the day, and I'm wanting more
Today's my lucky day!

But just as I'm getting up, the world will knock me back down
Throw it right back in my face
Is this as good as it gets? I'll stop expecting more
Hah, a lucky day
Track Name: Physics
I try my best to try and keep up, but something is stopping me
An invisible force trying to mess me up and I just can't handle it

Dear physics, you're just bringing me down to the water
Dear physics, you're just holding me down to the water

I try to jump but I don't get far, because gravity's stopping me
I try to fight it off, yeah I tried so hard, but I just don't have the energy

Stand up, fall down
Stand up or fall if you want to
Track Name: Broke
I ain't got no money but at least I've got my friends and
That's the kind of life I know I won't live to regret
It goes day in, day out, and well I bet that
They say I don't have a life, but I'm not done yet because
Some people live on making others feel small and
That's the kind of talking that makes me strong
Its a fact that I know that I'm not the best
No, I'm not the best but at least I tried

So now it turns out you're leaving
This place doesn't seem to have what you want anymore
Well I hope you find another scene
With all the things you need and
Most of all, I hope you that you find what you're looking for
Maybe I'm an ant in your magnifying glass
We're just going to leave it all up to circumstance
Maybe we'll meet in another place and time
In another state of mind, oh yeah we'll all be fine
Track Name: Taking Off
I'll find my way, yeah one of these days I'll find my way

I've been around each corner and I've seen all I need of this place
The business suits are calling but its worth it just to see your face
The daily grind seems fine sometimes when my head is off in space
I can't forget just how bad it gets, I might have a chance but

I guess I'll never know if you think the same way
Maybe I just don't think enough, I can never think of what to say
Around you I never know what to do

All my dreams are like paper airplanes
Breaking up on taking off they never last long but
I can say I tried, though the system says denied
At least it seemed to work for you and me
Now its finally taking off, and looking back its all I want
I'll break my walking pace but at least I'm not just
Thinking about all the time I spent and
All the nights I couldn't help but stay awake
Track Name: Media Machine
Popular demand's got you down before you've left the ground
and they're so quick to turn their heads away
They look down on the way that I make it though I don't get paid
and they're so quick to turn their heads away

Well if no one's gonna care (oh what am I to do?)
I guess I gotta change what I wear (move onto something new)
Yeah, even if my dream's never bring a dime...

I'm not giving up, guess I gotta try again
Even if it never works, even if I never win
You'll never see it my way, and
I guess that some things never change
I don't need your fame and money

The world is telling me that
I've gotta go and trash my dreams but
they're so quick to tell you what to be
Its hard to be unique when you're
working against a machine and
they're so quick to tell you what to be

Well if no one's gonna care (what the hell is ska?)
I guess I gotta change what I wear ( !!! )
Yeah, even if my dreams never bring a dime...

I try to tell myself it gets better
That I should be happy but I'm not
The meaning's there but I know
that that's not what you had wanted me to be
So now I guess I've changed my mind

Now I hate everyone, I'm never going to try again
Only going to make it worse than its ever fucking been but
I'll keep moving on, don't keep
doing what you're doing until your heart's all gone
Yeah, that's no life for me
Track Name: Rust
I should have been in bed at least an hour ago
But I'm still just sitting here watching my stupid TV shows and

I'm never going to wake up again
You'll never see me coming 'round again

Well I just want to lay in bed right now and
let the years all rust away but
My moral obligation always seems to get in the way and I'm
Wasting time on all of these dumb computer games
where no one seems to know my name, and that's just fine by me

You said that I'm always late
Maybe I should get a job and lose some weight
You think its bad but I think its great
I'm going to stay in bed the world can wait

You'll never see me come around again